Wednesday, 24 December 2014


With the end of the year fast approaching, I have been thinking more and more about what I want my 2015 to look like. The last half of this year has felt rather crazy and somewhat draining as Nick (my husband) and I got closer and closer to our wedding. We got married on 7th December so we are still newlyweds and in the lead up to the wedding I think I became more and more stressed to the point where I let it overwhelm me and I couldn’t focus on anything else. The day was beautiful and we both had the time of our lives but I certainly would not want to go through the planning again. As a result I feel like some of the plans I had for 2014 have fallen by the wayside. I wanted to get healthy and lose some of the weight that I have struggled with for my whole life. I wanted to get into my study and do really well. I wanted to find a creative outlet and nurture that. 
Nick’s mum is a scrapbooker and while I have always admired that talent, I’ve never felt like I was capable of producing 12x12 layouts. I left scrapbooking for a while and forgot about it. A few months ago I discovered Erin Condren’s life planners and through that discovered this amazing online community of people that decorate their planners with stamps and stickers and this incredible stuff called “Washi Tape”. I quickly ordered my own ECLP and started collecting supplies and blogs. While waiting for my planner to arrive I absorbed as many youtube videos about them as I could. I was a woman obsessed. It was through these videos that I discovered Project Life or pocket scrapbooking. Finally here was something I felt I could get my head around. Instead of having to decorate a whole 12x12 page, I could fill pockets with photos or journaling or even scrapped pieces of card. Not only that, there was a whole range of beautiful premade cards that I could use to decorate if I wanted to. 

Then I discovered “projects”. I’m not sure what else to call them because they seem like small side projects that you can do while working on your main album. I had planned to start my main album on 1st December but it seemed kind of strange to start in the last month of a year. I learned about Ali Edwards and her December Daily, and received an email to sign up for 30 Lists. This was the beginning of my journey. While I haven’t officially signed up for December Daily this year, I have signed up for Ali Edwards “One Little Word” for next year. I will also be keeping an eye out for the 30 list projects, and starting work on my main project life album. 

The postcard that I am going to read every day in 2015 to try and motivate myself.
In this blog I am planning to document how the above little projects go as well as bits and pieces of my life such as weight loss, getting healthy, and general stuff that goes with being married, studying, and working full time. I hope to share tips and hints like recipes for healthy food or even household cleaning products. I look forward to sharing my journey with you!

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