Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge

It’s no secret that I love to read. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Crime, Autobiographies, fiction, non-fiction, blogs, I’ll read just about anything. I have a Kindle and also a decent collection of paperbacks and I thoroughly enjoy reading before bed, or even just sitting in the shade on a beautiful day with a good book. Often I get carried away to lands I have never dreamed of, reading stories involving creatures of many different types, burying my nose only to surface after hours have passed because the sun has gone down and I can no longer see the words.

 One of my goals for 2015 is to spend less time watching TV or sitting on the computer and more time getting lost in my own imagination with a good book. I also plan to start going to bed a bit earlier so that I can read for a bit and get a bit more sleep but more on that another time.

I am a member of a few different groups on Facebook and it was through one of these that I learned of the Popsugar 2015 Reading Challenge. Popsugar is a website where different people write about all things celebrity, fashion, beauty, fitness, entertainment, love, food, and living. For some reason the reading challenge falls under their love category and can be found by clicking here.

The challenge involves 50 prompts and as far as I can tell the aim is to read a different book for each prompt. That’s 50 books for those of you playing at home, which is a little over a week to read the book. I think I’m going to spend a couple of days plotting which books I’m going to read for each prompt. I have only just finished the book I was reading at the end of last year so in my mind it doesn’t count toward the challenge. It did take me a week to read the final few chapters so I could be pushing it by wanting to read a book a week. I really want to try and read a different book for each prompt but I know some people are going to use one book for a couple of prompts at a time. I work full time and also study part time so there is a possibility that I may end up doing the same but we will see.

Some of the prompts will be difficult to find books for, such as a banned book or a book originally written in a different language but that is part of the challenge. I have listed the 3 prompts I am most looking forward to and the 3 prompts I am least looking forward to below.

Most Looking Forward To:

1.       A book with non-human characters

2.       A book from an author I love that I haven’t read yet

3.       A mystery or thriller

Least looking forward to:

1.       A Classic Romance

2.       A book I was supposed to read in school but didn’t

3.       A book I have started but never finished

I think these are pretty self-explanatory! Let me know in the comments if you plan on playing along.

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